No Time To Waste

Titled “No Time to Waste”, the proposal re-imagines a new system of housing as living inside a black-hole that swallows all kinds of household waste, so that waste can be disposed everywhere in the living spaces. The architecture, comprised of layers of sloped plenums that handle solid waste, waste water, and liquefied food scraps, perform like a sponge that maximizes disposal interface while minimizes the distance between living and waste disposal spots.

The project proposes living within a decentralized disposal zone, and through gravity waste is then transported to a centralized waste sorting facility. The project renders the two sides of habitation: a suburban, mountain village on the riverside and an urban canopy on the city side hovering over the street: the duality of the two urban façades of living within waste.

The project is done in collaboration with Joann Feng.

Conceptual Elevation
Conceptual Elevation

Conceptual Drawing with front, back and section combined

Axonmetric Drawing showing the interior of architecture and how the waste system is being embeded.

Single Unit diagram

Unit Plan

Site Plan

Exterior Views

Physical Model