Snow Globe

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Launched in the holiday season of 2017, “Transparent SF” is an augmented reality app presenting San Francisco in a snow globe. It is designed as a virtual toy gift sending out with the post cards to the office’s clients.

To fit San Francisco in the size of a palm, we selected tens of the city’s iconic landmarks from bridges, streets to buildings, islands and hills. These are then neatly re-arranged on the office’s logo-shaped footprint, surrounded by Bay water and Pacific Ocean. There’s a good amount of animated elements including ships, planes, cars, cable cars and snow which happens very rare in the Bay Area. Color schemes are bright, reflects the feeling of dessert.

Early Sketches of layout

Color Design

The design was translated into 3d models and imported into Unity. We want the user to be able to view the model in two ways, in augmented reality mode and in regular 3D viewing mode for people who don’t have a phone that support AR.

User JourneyUser Flow

After the launch of the first version, we’ve also added a function that when you tap the landmarks it pops cards to show more information.

App Screenshot

In addition to the design of the snow globe and the app, I was also in charged of filming the demo and marketing video.