The inspiration of doing this immersive gesture is from the sea ice which happens only in the arctic area in the north hemisphere. It forms and melts in a cycle during the year. It acts as the hard ground like land, but also disappear and merge into the sea in the rest time.

Sea ice stretches our horizon largely, also brings up a lot of marvelous sights and activities. It is a perfect example of floating. What’s better to convey the meaning of temporal efficiency of our studio than sea ice? Hence it’s the reason the project is in its close relationship with ice.

Another thing that worth noticed about sea ice, is its role in the entire ecosystem. Life cycle is crucial in the ecosystem in moving the ocean currents – climate change – but also locally it’s helping the polar bears to move and enlarge its area of hunting.

What does it feels like living in this resort?

Arriving by ship or helicopter in the late summer, with an overview of the resort before landing.
Entering the lobby, with escalators descending into a field of green.
Walking on the garden level, seeing the green plants with blue underwater sight on the outside.
Unpacking and resting in the hotel suite, with one side totally white on the sea ice and the other end covered white in steam by hot springs.
Having dinner of the catch of the day with a view of a sunset on the sea ice and polar bears.
Learning about the deep sea creatures through the looking glass and farming under the orange artificial light on the same level…

The resort only shows a small portion of itself above the water like a tip of an iceberg. The upper part is separately distributed to act as reefs to increase the chance of ice rafting, thus the thickening of sea ice. Sea ice is one of the most crucial parts in the natural environment, both locally for arctic marine mammals and globally for ocean currents circulation and climate change. Increasing the chance of formation of sea ice is a formal design drive and benefit of the resort. It will be placed on the edge of the sea ice melting line. Experiencing but also learning about the arctic, is an attempt to the awareness of nature by the resort.

The connection of the upper part is under water, in the garden. Visitors have to walk “out” into the garden—the artificial ecosystem—to enter another program. Hence the circulation of the programs—in separate parts—is always the “exterior”, either the arctic or the artificial ecosystem. The way the programs circulated is one of the many results from the design approach of treating the arctic nature and artificial ecosystem equally. The reason for doing this is to illustrate the idea that both environments are equally essential to human beings. The notion of environmental protection applies to both. Besides, the resort conveys the message that both environments are distinguishable beautiful, in their own way.

Last but not the least, the lower part of the resort, hidden in the deep sea, is the infrastructural part. It is not part of the resort experience for the visitors, but undoubtedly the essential part. The resort is partially self-sufficient now thanks to the geothermal power station, ocean currents turbine power station, water desalination station, fishing and other production parts. The resort is potentially a prototype for human living in the harsh environment. This one particular prototype is called the Ark-tic.